• Breakfast at Villa Pelicano
  • Breakfast Table at Villa Pelicano


A Delicious Breakfast with your choice of delicacies is always part of your morning at the Villa Pelicano.

The previous evening your hostess will ask your preferences.

What type of breads do you like?  Simple toast? Ciabatta? Bagels? Croissants? Any of these (and others) are possible, toasted or simply warmed.

Do you enjoy eggs?  How would you like them prepared?  A Western Omelette? Scrambled? Over easy?  You name it.

We offer a variety of sausages, hams and other breakfast meats,  assorted cheeses, honeys, exquisite jams, cream cheese and marmalade.

We have cereals and yogurts, hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juices and fresh tropical fruits in season.  Simply tell us what you would like and we’ll do our best to make your breakfast a memorable one.

By the way, your breakfast is served to you while you sit at a linen-covered table and enjoy the sun sparkling on the waves, the flights of pelicans, the breeze  and the view.